Cockroach Control Barnet

cockroach control barnet


In Barnet, the black carpet beetle and the varied carpet beetle are the two most common carpet beetle known for attacking and destroying fabrics and carpets in domestic homes. It is possible for the carpet beetles to attack synthetic carpets particularly if they are heavily soiled with organic food debris or urine. Many synthetic and woollen carpets are now treated with insecticides at the manufacturing stage making them resistant to carpet beetle attacking.


It is the carpet beetle larvae that will consume all types of fabric containing or contaminated with natural proteins. Female beetles lay on average 40 eggs which hatch out into small grubs. When in the larvae stage of the life cycle they are commonly known as wolly bears these wolly bears resemble small hairy caterpillars.


It is very difficult to control and eradicate carpet beetles in Barnet as there usually is many varied routes into homes they want to get in to. Control is usually achieved by the application of residual insecticide spray to cracks and other routes the carpet beetles can sneak in. We provide one of our many carpet beetle controllers to visit your home to deal with your carpet beetle infestation.

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