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The two types of ants most common to Barnet are Pharaohs ants and garden ants. They are very different species and require different treatments.


The Pharaoh’s ant Workers are approx 1.5-2mm long, yellow, brown with brown abdomen with the males measuring 3mm long, black and winged the queens 3.5-6mm long, dark red in colour with wings and they have black eyes and 2 small segments at the pedicel.


Well defined trails are laid which are often associated with heating systems. The Pharaoh’s Ants feed indoors on high protein foods like meat, fats, blood and dead insects etc. New colonies are often formed through nests that have been disturbed e.g. as a result of insecticide spray treatments.


The Garden Ant is black in colour and has a segmented body. Workers are 5mm in length and the queen 15mm long. Nests are usually found in lawns, flower beds, underneath stones and paving slabs etc. also increasingly found in cavity walls and foundations of properties. Ants are social insects and several thousand may be present in a large nest.


During summer, large numbers of winged females and males are reared in the nest. On warm and humid days, normally between mid-July and mid-September they swarm out and take flight in Barnet. Sometimes they all follow a trail inside premises and hundreds of them may appear in a few hours, causing distress to staff/residents.


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